Why My Husband Interested in Other Women?

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Why My Husband Interested in Other Women?

There was a time when I could really see what my husband was interested in. There were times when he would come home from work and we would be watching a movie or having dinner and he would say things like “your wife’s hot” or “your wife is really sexy today” and those sorts of things. But then I would notice that as time went on it seemed like his interest in other women had waned a bit. He still talked to them but not as much as he used to.

This bothered me because he had no desire to have more women in his life. I know for a fact that he would probably never admit to this but I just didn’t understand. I also didn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to commit to a long-term relationship with me. My husband had told me at one point that he loved the fact that I made him feel good. He said things like “I just feel lucky to have you” and “you’re just good enough”.

Well, I knew my husband was talking about other women when he said those things, so I asked him if he was talking about our wives. His answer to me was “no”. So now I was beginning to get a little frustrated with my husband and I realized that this was affecting our marriage more than I thought it was. I decided that I needed to get my head sorted out and figure out why my husband was interested in other women.

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